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Healthy Relationships

  • Have fun together more often than not
  • Each enjoy spending time separately, with your own friends, as well as with each other’s friends
  • Always feel safe with each other
  • Trust each other
  • Are faithful to each other
  • Support each other’s individual goals
  • Respect each other’s opinions even when they are different
  • Solve conflicts without putting each other down, cursing or making threats
  • Both accept responsibility for your own actions
  • Both apologize when you are wrong
  • Have equal decision making power about what you do in your relationship
  • Are proud to be with each other
  • Encourage each other’s interests
  • Have some privacy (letters, diaries, phone calls)
  • Have close friends & family who like the other person and are happy about your relationship
  • Never feel like you are being pressured for sex
  • Allow each other space when needed