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About Us


Women’s House provides a safe haven for victims/survivors, knowing that ending violence is a community responsibility.  We will work towards ending violence through knowledge, which is power, in order to create change.


We envision a world where women are empowered, and women and children are safe, secure, and free from violence.



  1. It is a basic human right to be free from abuse and sexual violence. Also it is a basic human right to have safety, dignity, respect, social and economic justice, self determination and to contribute to society in our own manner.
  2. Abuse and sexual violence are societal problems, yet generally perceived as private matters. Community has an obligation to become involved in these issues.
  3. Education is necessary to bring about effective changes in attitude. We believe in challenging statements and beliefs that minimize the seriousness of racism, oppression, abuse and sexual violence.
  4. Children’s lives are traumatized by exposure to abusive environments. Their witnessing and normalizing of violence perpetuates the cycle. Their needs are specific and distinct from the needs of their parents.
  5. We believe in fostering, sustaining and affirming women’s culture and diversity and that they are sources of enrichment and strength.
  6. We value the reality of every individual’s experience and acknowledge and respect their uniqueness and understand that Individuals may display a variety of behaviours as coping strategies. However, safety of the woman shall be the primary focus of any intervention and she shall receive sensitive, immediate and appropriate service.
  7. We believe that poverty, hunger and homelessness are safety issues that keep women and children in abusive situations.
  8. Women’s House recognizes that all women face misogyny and sexism, however some bear an additional burden of oppression due to racism and other forms of oppression.
  9. We believe that systemic racism, discrimination, and oppression based on race, religion, class, sexual orientation, gender identification, age, and ability must be addressed as part of an integrated approach to ending poverty, abuse, sexual violence, and homelessness in the lives of women.
  10. Networking, partnerships and resource building with other community partners is essential in order to best serve the needs of women experiencing abuse and /or sexual violence.
  11. A coordinated community approach to service delivery is essential in order to provide options and information about services and the impacts of abuse and sexual violence so that the victim/survivors can make informed choices.
  12. We believe that the abuser is responsible for his/her behaviour and should be held accountable. Society must develop a policy of zero tolerance for abuse and sexual violence.
  13. Women’s House believes in being accountable to the victims and survivors who use our services.