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Child Witness Program

Facilitated by partnerships among Women’s House Serving Bruce and Grey, Women’s Centre in Owen Sound, Bruce Grey Children’s Centre and The Children’s Aid Society, the Child Witness Program offers services to children and mothers who have experienced woman abuse. The program offers individual counselling for children between the ages of 4 and 16 in addition to group counselling. The program offers children a chance to heal from the experience of witnessing woman abuse and meet other children who have also experienced family violence. The Child Witness Program gives mothers the chance to be supported as they help their children heal.

Community Counselling

Women’s House offers individual counselling to women in the Bruce and Grey Counties. These services are available free of charge. These counselling services are for women 16 years and over who are experiencing abuse or healing from abuse.Our Community Counselling services also include support groups which provide a safe environment for women to meet and talk to heal from abuse. Some examples of past support groups are “Changing Relationship Patterns” and “Self Esteem”. In addition, from time to time there are a number of workshops offered to deal with specific issues. Child-care and transportation can be arranged free of charge for your counselling appointments if done in advance.

Transitional Support Program

The aim of this program is to assist women in developing a transition plan towards a non-violent, non-abusive life in the community. This includes developing a safety plan and seeking out available support systems. Our Transitional Support Worker will assist women in developing a Transition Plan which may include referrals to other agencies in the community. The Transitional Support Worker will also assist a woman by acting as an advocate on her behalf in seeking assistance and tapping resources within the community in the areas of housing, education, job training, income support, legal aid and legal representation, Children’s Aid advocacy, transportation and child care. This group offers its members a forum in which they can discuss their current concerns. Members learn how to cope more effectively with their issues, and will be given the opportunity to build skills through the support of other members. Free Childcare and transportation is available for women attending the Transitional Support Group if arrangements are made by calling Women’s House in advance.